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About Seeley's Bay...

Seeley's Bay is a village in Eastern Ontario on the historic Rideau Heritage Route, approximately 25 miles (40 KM) northeast of Kingston and 100 miles (160KM) southwest of Ottawa.

The "Bay" was created around 1832 with the flooding of the Cranberry Marsh during the building of Rideau Canal and it became a regular stop for the steam wheelers as they travelled up and down the canal. The village was named in 1841 after the Seeley family who set up a trading post about 1825.  The native Indians were the only people to frequent his teepee store at this early point in Canal history. All early industries in the village were born out of necessity. Logs were needed for homes and wood needed for heat and furniture. Thousands of cords of wood were shipped out on the Rideau Canal after Seeley’s Bay was established as a port in 1832. The first industry in the community was an ashery. Potash was used for bleaching and making soap. By 1851, a stagecoach traveled through the village three times per week carrying passengers and mail north from Kingston to Perth to Smiths Falls. By 1885, the village was a shipping point for grain, lumber, livestock and wood. By this time, it was also a landing for steamboats traveling the Rideau system.

Easily accessible today by car or boat, travelers continue to visit Seeley’s Bay, enjoying the town and area’s charm and facilities. Seeley’s Bay’s population has been steadily growing in recent years because of its close proximity to Kingston. Vacationers can enjoy a variety of activities and shops in Seeley’s Bay or nearby Kingston and Gananoque.  Seeley’s Bay has a wide variety of cottages, resorts, campgrounds and B&B’s to accommodate the traveler. As with many of the other Rideau Lakes communities, the favoured summer activities are fishing, golfing, water sports, cycling & hiking. All amenities required for these sports are readily available within the Seeley’s Bay area. In winter, snowmobiling, hockey, skating and ice fishing are popular in and around the area.

Seeley's Bay Centennial Book

Click the cover on the left to find out more about the history of Seeley's Bay and District from the booklet that was printed in 1967 to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday!

Annual events in Seeley's Bay include;

Every February, the lively community of Seeley’s Bay hosts “Frost Fest”, a great celebration for all ages. There are activities, and events for all ages to warm their hearts and souls in this friendly village.

Every July 1st, Seeley's Bay celebrates Canada Day with activies all day long, and concluding with live music and a display of  fireworks in the park that is second to none.

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Latest News...

Posted: September 21 2019

The Citizen's Democracy Forum and The Seeley's Bay Area Residents' Association are sponsoring an all Candidates Meeting on Friday October 4th at the Seeley's Bay Community Hall (Firehall).

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Posted: September 13 2019

Our Township Council has given the go-ahead to demolish the TeePee in Seeley's Bay Centennial Park. It seems to be a surprise to many residents. Ward 2 Councillor Ohlke has responded to a recent question on Facebook regarding public consultation that has taken place.

Should it be designated as a Heritage Structure/Landmark?

"The property has historical
value or associative value
because it,
i. has direct associations with
a theme, event, belief, person,
activity, organization or institu-
tion that is significant to a

ii. yields, or has the potential
to yield, information that con-
tributes to an understanding
of a community or culture, or
iii. demonstrates or reflects
the work or ideas of an archi-
tect, artist, builder, designer
or theorist who is significant
to a community.
3. The property has contextual
value because it,
i. is important in defining,
maintaining or supporting
the character of an area,
ii. is physically, functionally,
visually or historically linked
to its surroundings, or
iii. is a landmark."

Posted November 5 2018

Join the fun in Seeley's Bay on Friday November 30th. It starts with our communitry Christmas Tree lighting at the corner of Bay Street and Main Street, beginning at 5:30pm.

Then at 7:30pm, our Small "Hall-idays" concert starts in the Seeley's Bay Community Hall. Tickets can be purchased on line at Festival of Small Halls website.

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Posted: September 29 2018

Great news for The Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands and especially Seeley's Bay! It was announced yesterday that Le Boat, Europe's #1 Boating Vacationing Company, is expanding it's Canadian operation on the Historic Rideau Canal beyond Smiths Falls! Beginning in 2019, Le Boat will open a satellite base in beautiful Seeley's Bay! In addition to the "round trip" boat rentals they have offered from Smith Falls in 2018, Le Boat will now offer one-way trips from Smiths Falls to Seeley's Bay or vice versa. This will allow vacationers from around the world more time to spend with us in Seeley's Bay and to enjoy the sites along the Rideau Canal.

For information about the amazing boating vacations at Le Boat, go to their web site at;

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